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3 x Mamble Rat / Hamster Narrow Bar 100cm Cage Cages, Rat Cages

Pack of 3

This new cage design measures 100x54x64. It has narrow 1cm bar spacing, so great for syrian hamsters, rats etc. Large access doors for easy cleaning.

Colours may vary from the photograph. This is a great cage for syrians, also good for rats but preferably for larger pets this should be used as a holiday or retirement cage - we have much larger ones available and you should always go for the biggest cage possible.

There are two large hinged doors on the front, each measuring 18cm x 23cm heigh. These fold down and are secured when up by a loop of wire which folds down to secure them in place.

This cage has featured in "The Hamster Mag" Febuary 2013 edition as being ideal for hamsters.