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2 x Mini Coco Rat & Hamster Cage with Platforms 79x42x55 Cages, Rat Cages

Pack of 2

Wow - one of the largest, nicest narrow bar cages we have seen in a very long time! Great for rats, syrian hamsters, chinchillas and other similar sized small pets.

The MINI COCO Cage by Little Friends has a grey plastic base tray, and silver metal bars (which are COATED with silver paint and will not rust). These bars are a much thicker gauge wire than other comparible cages on the market (we handle cages all day and these are noticeably thicker than the Savic Freddy cages for example).

This cage comes with the wooden platform and wooden ladder as shown.

Width across front: 79cm (at widest part of base lip)
Depth (front to back): 42cm
Height (top to bottom):55cm.

There are two access doors, a large front drop down access door measuring 24.5 x 26cm. There is a huge door on top measuring 60 x 34cm - the access is absolutely superb on this cage.

It does need some minor assembly, it comes flatpacked and you will need to fold the wire panels out and fasten the little hooks round the side panels (two second easy job).

The bar spacing is 1.2cm, although this is does increase to around 1.4cm at the corner joins and at the top (but can be adjusted relatively easily).

Bars are silver (coated, will not tarnish or rust) and base is the beige platinum colour shown. Neutral colours and a very attractive cage!

Tip: when assembling this cage to make it more sturdy we recommend crimping the side U shaped hooks at each corner. This makes it rock solid (we have tested this with 15kgs of weight on top of the canopy without it being clipped to anything and it was as sturdy as a table!). If you plan to flatpack this cage regularly then we would recommend leaving as it is - it is still an exceptionally sturdy cage once built and clipped to the base.